Today is the day all of us in the Sweatshop – team has been working towards all winter. The series Sweatshop – A Living Wage is premiered today on Aftenposten TV.


In the new season  Anniken Jørgensen and Frida Ottesen is back in Cambodia, and they team up with  Sarah Tjulander og Lisa Tellbe from the swedish edition of  Sweatshop. Together they start the hunt for a living wage. And they won’t take no for an answer.


Last time they came as tourists.  This time they are prepared.

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Today is a big day for us in the Sweatshop team! After months of hard work, we are ready to show the new season of Sweatshop – A Living Wage to the world!

For all of you that can not attend the premiere: the series is released May 12th on  Aftenposten TV!

Premiere 11 mai2

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Regards from all of us in the SWEATSHOP Team.


The Swedish fashion-bloggers Sarah Tjulander og Lisa Tellbe encounters an unfair textile industry in the first season of the swedish edition of Sweatshop. They leave a glamorous life behind to submerge themselves in one of the most unfair of all industries; The Cambodian textile industry.  Sarah and Lisa arrives as  tourists, but the experience transforms them to activists.



This swedish season is the prologue to SWEATSHOP 2 – A Living Wage. In Season 2 of the smash-hit series, Sarah and Lisa  teams up with Frida and Anikken… and the girls does not give up without answers!


12. MAY 2016!

Help us make Sweatshop 2

Sweatshop – Deadly fashion have had an impact on people worldwide. More than 8 millions have already seen the webseries, and it has been shown at festivals and events all over the world, from New Zealand to Canada, Argentina to the Czech Republic. And on top of that, we won Gullruten, the Norwegian Emmy’s, for best reality show earlier this year. We are the first webseries ever to win that prize in Norway.

So, help us keep up the pressure!

Since day one, we have used the massive attention to raise awareness about our cause: that textile workers around the world should be paid a living wage!

Textile workers around the world still suffer from terrible working conditions. They can’t afford a decent place to live, healthcare, education or enough food. They are still not paid a living wage.

We need to keep telling the world about this. That is why we want to make another season of Sweatshop. In Sweatshop – A living wage Anniken and Frida are back, and on a mission. They will knock on factory doors, meet the activists, listen to the textile workers and look for the solutions. There will be tons of challenges, but Anniken and Frida are ready to fight for a living wage. 

We need your help to make the series!

Support our Kickstarter campaign, and get rewards that matters!

Get your name in the credits and show the world that you care! Get invited to next years coolest party, meet the activists, crew and cast! Read more about season 2 and support our Kickstarter Campaign. The campaign ends 15. November.

We know you care!

Best regards from the Sweatshop team

Help us to start the work with Season 2!

We are back to work after winning the Golden Screen for best reality.  We are ready to roll up the sleeves and start the work with Season 2. But even if  Season 1 has been a huge success, the next season will require hard and purposeful work! Frida and Anniken are ready and on a mission:

Just as with textile workers, we are stronger together when are many. On August 15th we will launch a crowdfunding campaign, and we will use the time ahead to reach out to all of you who are interested and want to see a new season. You can help us in many ways; spread the word and ask your friends to sign up for our newsletter (and get the latest news first), follow, share, like and post your comments on facebook and tweet about us using #livingwageclothes and #sweatshop.

Together we are strong!
Best regards from the SWEATSHOP team!

We won The Golden Screen!

“This is also an award for all bad paid textile workers!”

This was Frida’s opening phrase of her speech after we were called out as winners of The Golden Screen for Best Reality 2015 yesterday. In front of a packed Grieg Hall in Bergen and to the entire Norwegian population that followed the show on TV2, Frida continued by thanking Sokty and all the others who helped us to create the series, before she finished to great acclaim from the television elite in the audience: “And thanks to everyone else who fight for a better world!”

Gullruten (“Golden Screen”) is an annual award for the Norwegian TV industry. It is the greatest one can be achieve for a film series in our country.   Don’t need to say that we are insanely proud and happy! Such a price gives us the best starting to point to get the plans for a new season going.

We are planning a new season and you can help us!

Sweatshop – Deadly fashion has been a tremendous success. The episodes have been downloaded 4 million times worldwide, and just as many have seen the trailer . The series is released in English and Spanish online version and it is in international distribution of television market . And to top it all off , we are nominated for “Gullruten” for best reality-show . And as the first webtv series ever!

Now we are starting to work on the next season of the series, where we hope for your help and support.   


Last year, in the car to the airport in Cambodia, Frida , Anniken and Ludvig stated that ” Now the work begins .” They did not know how right they were . They have had a hectic year . We have almost lost track of all the media stories .


But far more important than our own place in the limelight is that the series has attracted great attention of the injustice of the textile industry. Many CAN do more , and we know that you care. The series has made ​​a solid contribution to where it becomes increasingly difficult for the major clothing chains to explain why that those who sew our clothes live on a pittance , while chains are sticking billions into the pockets of their owners . This is what the youngsters are looking into in season 2 of SWEATSHOP .

This time, they travel, far more aware of what is rotten in the industry. Frida , Anniken and Ludvig now know that they can help to create awareness of the textile workers’ plight and put pressure on the major clothing chains .


Do you want to help us to realize the new series? In August we are launching a crowdfunding campaign. To succeed, we must reach out to as many as possible! Help us by keeping you updated on mail, social media or mobile, and spread the news about sweatshop to your friends – and the world!

— Greetings  | the SWEATSHOP team —


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