Sweatshop - Deadly fashion have had an impact on people worldwide. More than 12 millions have already seen the web-series, and it has been shown at festivals and events all over the world, from New Zealand to Canada, Argentina to the Czech Republic.
And on top of that, we won Gullruten, the Norwegian Emmy's, for best reality show in 2015. We are the first webseries ever to win that prize in Norway.

Three young fashion bloggers spend a month living the life of Cambodian sweatshop workers in Phnom Penh.
Frida, Anniken and Ludwig live, breathe and dream fashion. They spend hundreds of euros every month on clothes and make a living promoting the latest catwalk trends. Except for speculation that factory workers must be ‘used to’ their hard lives, they have never given much thought to the people who make their clothes.

Now, they’re trading their comfortable lives for those of Cambodian garment workers. As well as working in the factories, they have to survive on $3 a day. But this is no exploitative doc aiming for shock value. It poignantly shows the consequences of cheap fashion.

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