“Code of Trust” explores how the Blockchain can change the way we trust. Not only how we trust each other, but in business and really most transactions between individuals and between institutions. Trust is a fundamental human value and essential for our society to work. We transact for trillions of dollars with people we do not know, drive cars at high speeds in opposite directions, give authorities the power to take decisions on our behalf and plan whole lives based on trust. Without trust, our society will stop. To trust strangers on a massive scale we invented the ledger, records that prove that transactions and events happened. Bank records, land titles, ID papers, voting systems, medical records, and matrimonial agreements – the list goes on and on. What these records have in common is that they are all vouched for by a third party, a person or institution that confirms they are correct and not tampered with.  We all know that that is not always the case. Our systems of manufactured trust are fragile. The Blockchain has got the potential to change that.


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Genre / Sjanger
Creative documentary / Kreativ dokumentar
Duration / Lengde
62 min
Releasedato / Premieredato
Written and directed by
Bår Tyrmi
Produced by
Dag Mykland

Without trust, our society will stop